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Some months ago FIFA published their updated ranking system. In order to make it easier and more comprehensible, the procedures were changed.. to the better some were hoping.
Me thinks the opposite. Yes, the idea was good but yet it still is questionable. Recent updates where some teams jumped up and down uncontrollable left me amazed..

In order to focus more on the recent results and to better get an idea where the teams are standing I've come up with my own system of ranking. No, it's not better than any other ranking, but will give something to compare with.

Basically, to have a point of start, the September month ranking is based on the statistics of all teams during 2005 and 2006. Half of the points available are simply based on the various results and the other half is calculated taking the results in the recent FIFA World Cup and the last continental championship of each of the confederations. For this ranking procedure, a total of 3000 points was the maximum each team could get.

Later on, ranking will focus on the individual results only taking the weight of the game and the strength of the opposition into account.

As for now, the top twenty as follows. Remaining will come in the updated October ranking.

1 Portugal, 2375 points
2 France 2267
3 Brazil, 2227
4 England, 2061
5 Argentina, 2007
6 Netherlands, 1970
7 Italy, 1962
8 Germany, 1850
9 United States, 1803
10 Czech Republic, 1712
11 Egypt, 1685
12 Japan, 1680
13 Iran, 1667
14 Spain, 1609
15 Ivory Coast, 1604
16 Nigeria, 1572
17 Switzerland, 1568
18 Australia, 1553
19 Ukraine, 1523
20 Mexico, 1522

So, Portugal tops the first ranking. Not too surprised though;
runner-up in the last European Championship and fourth in the last FIFA World Cup along with some solid results.
France are the runners-up of this summer's World Cup and Brazil, despite the narrow loss to France, the reigning champions of Copa América.
Italy down at seventh, mostly due to many unnecessary losses and games drawn.

European Championship qualifying is underway so stay tuned for next month's ranking!

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